We aim to make the trade easier to do, faster to run, and more helpful to enterprises and the world.

About the center

Beijing Re-code Trade Security and Facilitation Research Centre (Re-code) is a privately-owned, nonprofit research organization dedicated to strengthening cross-border trade security and facilitation, and to improving the business environment around China.

With its specialist team, including senior researchers and nonresident fellows, the center is committed to conducting indepth studies as well as offering pragmatic solutions to governmental authorities, enterprises, and other entities involved with cross-border trade issues, especially those related to customs affairs.

The centre has finished nearly 30 projects since its foundation in 2014, and the entrusting parties include the General Administration of China Customs (GACC), the Ministry of Finance of China, the National Office of Port Administration of China, and local authorities from Tianjin, Dalian, Xiamen, Zhejiang, etc.

Our Motto
Make Trade Easier